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Necklace  |  Gold enamelled wire enhanced incorporating an 87 ct round faceted red quartz

Jewelry created for the Panhellenic Jewelry Competition "Ariadne's Eternal Thread" 2021

"Ariadne’s Rubini, is constructed with metal threads and is literally named after the famous Ariadne legend. 

Her propensity for solving a problem with which she is challenged is always augmented via multiple means, methodologies and technology. 

This piece embraces all of the allegory and symbolism inherent in her approach to dealing with her life’s enigmas. Her challenges such as the underground Cretan / Minoan maze was indeed a physical reality which needed to be mastered. 

So too in creating what has been described as a masterpiece, significant physical logically based challenges had not only to be met but also overcome, through an exhaustive application of logic to all available possible outcomes via a multitude of routes. 

I have developed the Gordian Knot Method and have now used this technically innovative technique in this piece. In doing so I was able to attempt to follow through what at the outset seems a maze of elements. 

Ariadne did this also, whilst attempting to completely trace through the steps necessary. 

Such steps and 'threads' as Ariadne’s, I have taken to bring this work of art jewellery to life."



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