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  • A Jewel Made in Greece

    The brilliant presentation of the new jewelery collection by leading designer Maureen Wellens took place on Friday 24th January, at the new flagship store of the A JEWEL MADE IN GREECE platform exclusively for Greece.

    A night full of luster and elegance was enjoyed by distinguished people from the arts, showbiz and business worlds. Among them, Makis Machas, Nikos Vernikos, Katerina Gagakis and Della Rounick, Director of the Monetary Museum George Kakavas, Daisy Sebekopoulou, Olga Karaververis etc.

    The guests of the exhibition had the pleasure of admiring the high aesthetics, unparalleled design and creativity, precious jewelry.

    A JEWEL MADE IN GREECE establishes a series of events entitled "Bright Friday" and urges its guests to make their Fridays brighter and to visit them in heart of Athens, where every Friday will present one of the special artists they host. 


    Α JEWEL MADE IN GREECE Flagship Store

    Stoa Kalliga, Stadiou 3 Syntagma Square

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