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  • The participation of the platform A JEWEL MADE IN GREECE was completed with great success at the renowned Jewelry exhibition JCK & LUXURY in Las Vegas.

    The designers – members of AJMIG who participated were: SAMOLI by Mary Samoli, Anileve by Evelina Papantoniou, Maureen L. Maris, Julie Genet Joaillerie, K.AND. by Katerina Andrigiannaki, Amaya by Amalia Petsali, Vasso Galati, Aleema by Christina Tifoudi, Mary Gaitani as well the companies Kouzoupis Jewellery, Maramenos & Pateras, Konstantinos Tsakalos, Prince Silvero and Vicetti.

    The participation of the Greek team, presented under the title “Greek Jewels”, was powered by Enterprise Greece and co-organised by the platform AJMIG.

    The exhibition took place in Las Vegas from the 1st till the 4th of June, while the high-end section “Luxury”, part of JCK, commenced on the 30th of May, with access only by invitation.

    The 4 Greek designers & brands, members of the platform, who exhibited at “Luxury”, were very well received whilst there was an incredible communication support from the organizers with a significant signage coverage on all entrances and corridors. The other 5 brands – members of the platform were located at the main hall of JCK, in an effort to promote the Greek art of jewelry making in a demanding market. The total 13 designers & brands who participated, representing the contemporary branded Jewelry, presented their collections inspired by 6.000 years of history, in an effort to keep alive the dialogue between the culture of modern art and the culture of the centuries-long history of Greek Jewelry.

    And all this at a time when Greek Culture – a timeless motivation for inspiration, creativity, productivity and evolution – is the greatest asset for extroversion and the contemporary aesthetic presence of the country on an international level.

    The above exhibition is known to be one of the most significant worldwide, it is known to be the largest in the USA and is organized by the multinational company REED whose partner in Greece and Cyprus is ASAP Athens. The exhibition is visited by 30.000 subscribed professionals and retailers from which 23% are from outside the USA. This year the exhibitors exceeded 2.300 in number.

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