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23 - 26 FEBRUARY
  • Fashion Forward aims to create a new space for interaction that transcends the boundaries of all forms of self-expression focused on the human body, its garments, and adornments.

    ​This is an initiative aimed at Contemporary Jewelers, Textile, Fashion, and Accessory Designers, as well as all Artists and 'Architects' of Materiality who share a preference for the path of conceptual exploration, investigating the concepts of wearable art, usability, and sustainability, while experimenting with form, structure, and their boundless possibilities.

    Are you a creator active in the field of Contemporary Jewelry, Clothing or any other form of Wearable Art? Is the body, and what embraces it, a source of inspiration for you? Cause and reason for creative expression? Your passion? Do you want to explore the relationship between usability, sustainability and authenticity, or engage with the public by presenting your own unique point of view? Then maybe it's the right time to leave your workshop and join forces in this action together.

    AJMIG and JELO6 Project invite you to participate in the event: Fashion Forward, which will take place from 23 to 26 February 2024 at Zappeio Megaro in Athens.

    The invitation encourages the exchange of information and ideas, fostering interaction among creative fields, while also seeking to establish a dialogue between Greek and foreign designers, manufacturers, or companies active in these respective fields.
    THE AIM: 
    - Inform and acquaint the public with Contemporary Jewelry and Fashion as forms of art, creative expression, and/or commentary/activism.
    - Raise awareness among the public about sustainability, usability, and authenticity in a time when everything is often reduced to products for rapid consumption.
    - Provide support for individual creators and creative groups within this space.
    - Facilitate the gathering and collaboration of all interested parties, including galleries, shops, collectors, and buyers, through communication and networking.

    The Fashion Forward 2024 event is aimed at jewelry schools, fashion schools, independent designers/manufacturers, and brands worldwide.
    The forms of participation it offers are two:
    ​- ​FFW Designers’ Exhibition: Participants exhibit their creations on an exhibition surface/table provided by the organization (open to accessory designers/makers of: bags, shoes, belts, hats, scarves, sun-glasses).
    FFW Showfashion show/performance: (open to all: clothing, footwear, jewelry, other accessories).

    There are no restrictions on the material, type, or conceptual background of the proposals to be submitted.
     As the objective of the event is to present to the wider public the specificities, diversity, and artistic dimension of Contemporary Jewelry, Clothing, and Accessories, special attention will be paid to proposals that underline the multidimensional character of contemporary artistic creativity in the specific area, while focusing on the ideology and aesthetics that the field brings forward currently.

    As the event will coincide with A JEWEL MADE IN GREECE and JEWELRY + OBJECTS + AND OUR 6th SENSE, the following topics will be emphasized and proposed as focal points in this inaugural edition:
    - The Woman: Explore the significance of the feminine energy and its role in the processes of realization/materialization, change, and transformation.
    - Fashion and Sustainable Expression: Investigate the relationship between fashion and sustainable practices.

    - Idea, coherence of final work
    - Originality of design, final composition/form, as well as materials used
    - Craftsmanship and technical innovation.



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