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Necklace  |  Macrame

"Inspired by the myth of Ariadne, I designed and made a necklace worthy of a princess of that era. Like the "Ariadne thread" I used thread to create a piece of jewelry with the macrame technique. Using black as the main color, I wanted to emphasize the darkness and despair that someone feels when lost in a maze. With the rectangles in brighter colors, in the dark labyrinth I tried to convey the optimism we should have even in the most difficult situations of our lives.  With the elongated pieces, braided in gold and silver, my thought was in the corridors that one must follow to get out again in the rich and eternal ancient Greek sunlight that bathes our country until today. The spirals that adorn the necklace at its lowest point, symbolize the time that seems endless when you are in a maze and you feel like you are making circles but I placed them there to help our consciousness accept the evolution of life outside "mazes"."


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