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  • The Opening ceremony of A JEWEL MADE IN GREECE's TRUNK SHOW Summer 2018 will be held on Wednesday the 11th of Juy at 20.00 at the Plaza Resort Hotel at Anavyssos. 65 inspiring Greek jewelry designers will present their collections and guide us through the magical world of jewelry and its history!

    Along with AJMIG TRUNK SHOW, an art exhibition will take place at the premises of the hotel. Visitors will have the opportunity of admiring works of art from the artists Demosthenes Davvetas and Nikos Zivas. Curator of the exhibition is the Art Historian Annita Patsouraki.

    Both artists bring forth, in a meaningful and contemporary manner, ancient and timeless critical questions. A creative dialogue, with an in-depth approach, similar views but at the same time with a variety of artistic methods, create a wonderful co-existence.

    During the event, a fashion show will also take place, organized by Alice Dikaios.

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