3rd Annual Designers' Meeting


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25 - 29 February 2016

Technopolis, City of Athens

Concept & Design by Mary Samoli

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In less than three years, A Jewel Made In Greece was born, tested, endured and -I dare say- flourished. However, nothing would have happened if the platform wasn’t adopted by so many wonderful people, exceptional designers and partners, who through the journey many of them became good friends​. 
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Mary Samoli
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Founder of AJMIG
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For three years now, the exciting experience of «A Jewel Made in Greece», taught me to see afresh all the things that I loved ever since I was a child, all those things that I continued to examine during my student years, along with my main body of studies: the history and the present of the idea and the line. The motion and the matter translated into volume, form and colour. The Designer’s agony and the Wearer’s bliss. The power of jewellery to initiate wars and contract peace.
Testimonial Author: 
Iris Kritikou
Testimonial Specialty: 
Art Historian - Independant Curator - Consultant of AJMIG

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