6th Annual Designers' Meeting

Metamorphoses - Reshaping the Stars

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February 15 - 18,  2019

Zappeio Megaro


The 6th Annual Greek Contemporary Jewelry Designer's Meeting

at Zappeio Megaro


1 idea based on the contemporary art of Greek jewelry which has already traveled to 35 destinations, transmitting its message all over the world. Having reached 1825 days of growth and extroversion so far, based on the inspiration of 100 designers as well as the passion for the aesthetics and tradition of 400 partners, A JEWEL MADE IN GREECE comes to Zappeion to fascinate visitors, offering a unique experience devoted to the art of jewelry, its different materials and the unique ability to transform moments, moods and senses.

For the sixth consecutive year, A JEWEL MADE IN GREECE - the largest, continuously renewed initiative for the promotion and highlighting of modern Greek jewelry in Greece and around the world - organizes its Annual Designers' Meeting at Zappeion Megaron with the participation of 75 Designers & Brands and the Art Historian Iris Kritikou, as AJMIG's consultant. The platform is under the auspice of  ENTERPRISE GREECE who is also a valuable supporter!

AJMIG's vision and ultimate goal, as explained by its founder, the artist Mary Samoli, is the recognition of the Greek imprint in terms of style and entrepreneurship within the international jewelry industry, giving the public the opportunity to come in touch with the multidimensional creativity of the industry, to be part of this live dialogue between Greek history and culture, and to admire and acquire the jewels of its dreams.

This year’s exhibition is called "Metamorphoses: Reshaping the Stars" emphasizing on the multilateral role of jewelry and the particular importance it can have for every single individual. Jewelry as a means of  inspiration, art, history, symbol, message, product, business, co-operation, but also as an expression of emotion, relationship, memory, moment, beauty, sparkle, self-confidence. Jewelry as a desire and celebration.  A celebration, which will be experienced by Zappeion's  visitors along with a number of events and activities.

A fellow companion at this year’s celebration, is “Make a Wish, Greece”. AJMIG's Annual Meeting will provide the funds and means to make a sick child's dream come true through a special collaboration called "A Jewel for a Wish".

AJMIG’s ambassador is Mrs Tonia Sotiropoulou, who has been chosen to transmit the platforms’ message and elegance all over the world with her unique beauty, character and activity. The model and actress has been photographed with jewelry of this year’s Designers & Brands by Nick Zikos, in a series of portraits, combining the relationship of Greek beauty and character with contemporary artistic creation in the most perfect way.

Honored guest of the event is the internationally renowned Greek artist Della Rounick, who is going to present a selection of sculptures under the title "Defining the Undefined".

Visitors of this year’s Annual Meeting will also have the opportunity tof attending seminars on the secrets and characteristics of jewelry materials by AJMIG's prestigious Gemologist and Scientific Associate, George Spyromilios, while being able, at the same time, to appreciate their own precious stones.

A valuable supporter is the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, through LoveGreece.com, whose aim is to support and promote Greek Designers present their creativity and innovation in Greece and abroad. 

A lively meeting of creative expression, productive dialogue, accompanied with high aesthetics, cooperative entrepreneurship and optimistic Greek extroversion that turned "Made in Greece" into a title of honor for every creator of modern jewelry, is taking place, once again, inviting the public, traders, designers and organizations to attend and enjoy.




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