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Νew Miaou-Niaou store by Barbara Perraki


We are pleased to inform you that today, 29/10, the Miaou Niaou handmade jewelry store of Barbara Perraki, a member of the AJMIG platform, officially opens, next to the Historic building of the Piraeus Municipal Theater, on Vassileos Georgiou.

A few words about her Collection:

The classic Miaou Niaou collection replaces the standard forms with minimal or descriptive animal designs, giving a humorous and subversive spirit to the jewelry making.

Cats, dogs, and other favorite animals decorate necklaces, hang from earrings or rest on rings! The main metal used by the designer is copper, which enlivens the designs with the color effects of its oxidations. Copper is combined with silver, semi-precious stones, and other mainly natural materials.

In the new era, Miaou Niaou, the classic figures, full or hollow, tied together or with stones, is a field of experimentation: A rectangle braided with strings, reminiscent of looms. circles united like our lives, triangles painted like the old-fashioned t-shirts of our childhood.

Designer Barbara Perraki tells abstract stories, playing with shapes, colors, and materials.

Her inspiration comes from the past and the present, shadows, and light, emptiness and emotions, harmony and contrasts.
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